jlo and drake tease new collaboration at prom-themed party

Jennifer Lopez's Winter Wonderland Prom doubled as the unofficial listening party for the unconfirmed couple's new single.

by Hannah Ongley
30 December 2016, 6:20pm


Drake and Jennifer Lopez are both very good at the internet. In 2016, there were likely more articles written about Drake's Views the meme than there were about Drake's Views the album. In 2000, Jennifer Lopez helped invent Google Images. As of today, Drake has over a million more likes on his Christmas tree selfie than the Queen of Christmas does. 

But while these "leaked" videos of the unconfirmed couple — in which they grind on each other to what sounds like a new musical collaboration — are probably all part of their mysterious game plan, they're still pretty cute. The dance/radio-friendly song features both of them singing about getting their shit together, and as Fader notes, seems to sample Black Coffee's club hit "Superman." In one of the videos, Drake plants a kiss on a very sparkly J-Lo, who is wearing some sort of fluffy pink tiara. In another, Drake is wearing a crown. Looks like a very successful listening party. 


Text Hannah Ongley
Image via Instagram

Jennifer Lopez