donald trump cannot pronounce ‘beyoncé’


by Alice Newell-Hanson
08 November 2016, 5:59pm

Donald Trump has some bigly problems with enunciation. In June, he announced his plan to withdraw "the United Straights" from the TPP.

Pronunciation is also not one of his strengths. In September, he spawned a thousand "ombre" hair memes when he bungled some fourth-grade Spanish. In October, he attempted to school the population of Nevada on how to pronounce their state's name, while mispronouncing it himself ("ne-VAH-da"). In the past, he has struggled with such words as "Tanzania" and "San Bernadino."

Yesterday, he encountered an extra rare hurdle when a word appeared on his teleprompter with an accent on it. Trump does know who Beyoncé is. "I like them, I like them," he said of her and Jay Z at a rally in North Carolina yesterday, before incorrectly claiming that he is both more popular and better spoken than them. But saying Beyoncé's name was tricky. What did the little line over the last letter mean? Was this another piece of Spanish? Should it rhyme with "Hillary" or "olé"?

Surprisingly, he went in the "Hillary" direction, which was the wrong one. Watch this video of Trump saying "Be-on-see" on loop and grin like HRC after she lands a joke about The Celebrity Apprentice.


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