kloke to make hot new uniforms for mpavilion

Thanks to the Melbourne label, conformity rarely looked this good.

by Savannah Anand-Sobti
05 August 2015, 6:30am

Kloke is a fresh, ever-so-sleek, sophisticated and comfortable Australian label for discerning men and women run by husband and wife duo Adam and Amy Coombes. Since 2011 they've honed a strong reputation regarding their eye for detail and excellent craftsmanship, so it is fitting that they were asked to create this year's Mpavilion uniform. The results consist of striking separates in natural fibres that scream 'casual professional' and communicate the perfect message for employees of one of Melbourne's most exciting, new enterprises. 

AL_A's design for this year's MPavilion. Image courtesy of AL_A.

This year's MPavilion, once again set to host a feast of cultural events, is being designed by award winning UK Architect Amanda Levete who has concocted a multi-purpose, creative space that aims to "create the sensation of a forest canopy". So if you weren't already excited about the return of summer, this is definitely a good reason to start.

We spoke to Adam to find out a little bit more about the uniform and their on-point ethics on design evolution.

What made you decide that this was the right project for Kloke to take on?
MPavilion has historically engaged in some pretty amazing projects. Their first project in Melbourne including the people, the actual pavilion and the structure of the events were great, so it was an easy yes from us in that respect.

Can you explain to us your process when creating the MPavilion uniform?
To be honest it was a pretty easy process because we have a relationship with Jessie French from the Pavilion and she has a really good understanding of our brand. The particular story and print that we decided on was influenced by empty pools - the stripe we've done is irregular and it was a reference to that. 

Were there many factors you had to take into consideration?
One thing we had to consider is that it gets really cold at night so we've included a bomber and down vest. We've got a calf length printed skirt and a dress that can be worn layered. Then there's the field pant - a comfortable and unisex baggy, tapered pant - that everyone can wear too. The nice thing about the women's uniform is that you can sort of style it in a way that you want. These pieces are actually part of our next collection. I think that we'll add one component that will be specific to MPavilion - a badge or something like that.

Is sustainability a factor in your manufacturing? 
Yeah, we think that's really important. We believe that when you're spending money on a garment, you really want it to last. Our intention is that each piece is still wearable and relevant after four or more years. 95% of our fabrications come from Japan. We want to make clothes that the wearer will love and make them ethically.

What else is planned for the rest of the year?
We're still doing the uniforms for Hotel Hotel, which is a exciting project for us. We're looking at doing some denim, which is a new category for us. It's like having another baby so we're just taking that slow.


Text Savannah Anand-Sobti 

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