the story of planned parenthood's founder is coming to theatres

The story of Planned Parenthood's first clinic — and the woman who opened it in 1913 — will be explored in a new film.

by Isabelle Hellyer and i-D Staff
19 December 2016, 4:59am

Justine Ciarrocchi, producer and best friend to Jennifer Lawrence, has acquired the rights to Terrible Virtue: a fictionalised account of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger's life. The Ellen Feldman novel tells the story of Sanger from her childhood as one of 13 siblings to her later life and fight to legalise contraception.

In 1916, she opened the country's birth control clinic, and is often credited with coining the term 'birth control' itself. "The scope of Sanger's complexity, both as a revolutionary and human being, is extraordinary" Justine said in a press release. "I blew through Feldman's novel with such urgency, struck by the nuance, transparency and daring of her portrait. Her story explores the often brutal nature of activism and, most audaciously, the plight of the female soul. 

In 2016, Planned Parenthood is celebrating its centenary, but the historic year has been marred by ideological attacks and threatened funding cuts. Hopefully, Terrible Virtue will emphasise the essential nature of these services. No word on casting yet, but we're sure Jennifer Lawrence can offer Justine a few recommendations. 


Text Isabelle Hellyer
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