kendrick lamar has some thoughts on mumble rap

Plus he offered sage advice on respecting your elders.

by Georgie Wright
16 November 2017, 12:31pm

Photography Craig McDean. Fashion Director Alastair McKimm

Kendrick Lamar covers Forbes' 30 Under 30 issue. Hardly surprising given his unparalleled talent and oft-cited title of The Greatest Rapper Alive. Having released four critically-acclaimed albums that have redefined modern hip-hop, winning seven Grammys in the process, the i-D cover star deserves every bit of that crown.

So when he gives advice, we listen. And he has in this Forbes interview, saying that it’s crucial that he, “never forget the root where I come from, as far as hip-hop, and knowing my forefathers and the people that laid the groundwork for me to be here."

He also had some thoughts on the growing trend of mumble rap, in contrast to his more clearly annunciated style of rap in which Every. Word. Is. So. Damn. Important. He says, “I want hip-hop to continue to evolve. That's why I can't shun a lot of the artists that may not be a Kendrick Lamar. This is what I tell them every time I see them... be yourself and do what you do but also know who laid down the groundwork. Don't go on your interviews and dis them and say you don't like them and you don't care for them. That's your opinion, that's cool but you have to respect them”, he says, before concluding, “at the end of the day as long as you be who you are but respect what got us here, that's how you continue to evolve.”

That’s all it is really, just a little bit of respect. *cue Aretha Franklin*

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