jaden smith's dreadlocks are in a glass display case at his parents' house

Like, right there in the entrance hall.

by Hannah Ongley
17 November 2017, 9:56pm

Still via YouTube

Is there an afterlife? You better believe it — just look at Jaden Smith’s dreadlocks. The bonafide rap star’s beloved, bleached locs were officially sent to the guillotine back in April, but have had quite the posthumous adventure. They've walked the Met Gala red carpet, appeared on James Corden’s show, and even scored a Louis Vuitton campaign. Where do the dreads get their beauty sleep when they’re not working? At his mom and dad’s Calabasas mansion, of course.

“The dreads are at my parents’ house right now, just chilling in a glass box,” Jaden revealed in Vevo’s The World According to Jaden Smith. “Just right at the front door when you just walk in, just look to your right.”

Jaden also gave a rather detailed description of the locs' signature scent. “They smelled like coconut oil and metal, because I had the rings in them,” he continued. “So it smelled like coconut oil, metal, and bleach. And when you mix those together, it’s not amazing,” he said. “But it’s not a terrible smell.” They weren’t just any rings, mind you — they were $5,000 worth of Cartier LOVE bands.

Who's here for the locs' forthcoming fragrance line?

Turns out things are going well for Jaden too post-split. Today, he finally dropped his excellent debut album, and SYRE was worth the wait. Check out his denim-heavy video for "Icon" below.

Jaden Smith