frances bean cobain launched the only cooking account instagram needs

It's called, "Witchin’ in the Kitchen: Cooking with Franks N Beans."

by Hannah Ongley
19 December 2017, 10:03pm

Photography Jamie McCarthy  via Getty Images

Because she is not one of those people, Frances Bean does not post food pics on her personal Instagram. The most recent food-related photo found on her feed is dated June 14 of this year, and features Steve Harvey’s hardwood smoked EasyBacon® slices. But the world’s coolest rock scion is a right Martha Stewart in the making. Frances Bean has just launched an Instagram account where she’ll be posting daily cooking routines, recipes, and ideas. It’s called “Witchin’ in the Kitchen: Cooking with Franks N Beans,” an A+ play on her O.G. Insta handle @space_witch666.

So far, Franks has uploaded two recipes to the Witchin’ in Kitchen feed. She has also posted a step-by-step Instagram story recipe that’s idiot-proof and 100% EasyBacon® free: soft-baked eggs in avocado, with a side of bratwurst butternut squash. (Unfortunately it doesn’t come with an invitation to brunch.)

Like Frances herself, the recipe steps are BS-free and sprinkled with dry humor. “De-pit and remove some of the avocado so the egg will fit,” she instructs in the video, adding, “P.S. I totally should have been wearing oven mitts.” The bratwurst — purchased from Trader Joe’s, because ain’t nobody got time for making that from scratch — is diced up with the mashed squash for a very seasonally appropriate side. The recipe should also quench one of the Frances Bean fandom’s longest-running debates: she is not, despite evidence to the contrary, a vegetarian.

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