watch cardi b and bruno mars’ 90s new video for finesse

It’s dedicated to one of Bruno’s favorite TV shows.

by Georgie Wright
04 January 2018, 12:53pm

Last night, Bruno Mars asked Cardi B if he was allowed to drop the accompanying music video for their new collab Finesse (Remix), a new version of his original 2016 track, now featuring a bar from the little-known, just emerging rapper.

Cardi wasn’t sure if we were ready for it. We weren’t sure if we were ready for it.

But Bruno, being the “saucy” fellah he is, decided to go ahead and kick off 2018 with a bop of huge proportions.

The video is an homage to 90s sketch comedy In Living Color, one of Bruno’s favourite TV shows. Expect gold hoops, cut off hotpants, and Bruno and Bardi finessing some badass choreographed dance moves.

Bruno Mars
Cardi B
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