Here’s your first look at the American Horror Story spin-off

Season 10 might be delayed, but this teaser gives us a peak of the new anthology series, 'American Horror Stories'.

by Roisin Lanigan
05 March 2021, 11:27am

You don’t have to wait until Halloween to enjoy the spookier things. Nobody knows this better than Ryan Murphy, the mind behind (among many, many things) American Horror Story, now in production for its 10th (!) season, and the show’s new anthology spin-off, American Horror Stories. And while COVID has seriously delayed the arrival of the former, the first teaser trailer for the latter is finally here. 

In a tantalising clip originally shared during the Golden Globes and later shared on Twitter, we’re given a quick sneak peek into what the new series will look like, and it is predictably dark. While a voiceover promises “if you look in the face of evil, it’s gonna look right back at you”, we’re shown some Ryan Murphy classic motifs, from rainy graveyards, killer clowns, bonfires, old abandoned houses and occult vibes. Great! 

American Horror Stories, first announced in May last year, will be a departure from the season long arcs of American Horror Story. Instead the spin-off will take the format of 16 hour-long, self-contained episodes, each delving into a different scary story. But for fans of the original AHS franchise, there’s plenty of overlap, with some of the cast Ryan Murphy frequently collaborates with — like Frances Conroy and Sarah Paulson — set to star. 

For now, we don’t know when the spin-off series, which is set to stream on “FX on Hulu”, will drop, so there’s plenty of time to speculate on the absolutely batshit crazy plots the show inevitably has in store. And tbh, we all need more Sarah Paulson in our lives, in any format.

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