Is Timothée Chalamet bleaching his hair blonde?

Eagle-eyed stans think he’s dying his locks for a new role.

by Douglas Greenwood
26 April 2021, 11:59am

Image via Twitter

Another week, another slew of Timothée Chalamet rumours swirling on social media for us to unpack. This time around though, the rumours are actually interesting. Apparently, the Call Me by Your Name Oscar-nominee (who some thought might rock up at last night’s ceremony) has bleached his hair for a new role.

The veracity of these rumours is still TBD, but the teens on the internet tend to know their stuff when it comes to Timothée. Followers of celebrity gossip account Deux Moi will recall the now-expired stories in which fans and insiders submitted info about his hair being dyed blonde, or bleached at least, for his upcoming performance in his new movie: Luca Guadagnino’s cannibal coming-of-age, Bones & All. Well, the receipts seem to be coming through. Two mentions of Timmy being spotted in Palm Springs suggest he’s making a conscious effort to cover his hair before the ‘big reveal’.

An anonymous Deux Moi submission uploaded last night said that Timothée had been spotted at The Parker in Palm Springs. They added that his hair “looks like it’s transitioning from dark to blonde” and that it had a “very interesting reddish tint”. 

What’s more, @ladybirdasf on TikTok uploaded a “storytime” saying she ran into Timmy in Whole Foods in Palm Springs too. In the several videos-long story, in which she answered stans’ questions, she claims to have spotted him in the grocery store and tried to get a closer look, only for him to approach her directly and ask if she was following him. She couldn’t get a selfie, she claims, because Timmy told her: “I cannot take a picture right now, I’m supposed to be hiding my hair.”

To add some more fuel to the fire, any pictures — be it with fans or paparazzi — taken in the last fortnight see Timmy wearing a baseball cap with his hood up. Combine this with the fact Timmy’s Bones & All co-star Taylor Russell just did a shoot with Vogue in which she had — you guessed it — hair with a very interesting reddish tint, and it looks like we’ve got ourselves all the confirmation we need ladies.

So could Timmy and Taylor both be in the in-between stages of going blonde for Bones & All? Or are we about to see Timothée’s usually dark locks turn a deranged, Mad Hatter-shade of ginger for a new role? Watch this space. The stans will have the answers for us soon enough. 

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