Sydney Sweeney dropped some new details about her TikTok burner

Her car-restoring side hustle had some humble roots.

by Douglas Greenwood
14 February 2022, 11:48am

Images via TikTok

Sydney Sweeney is living rent-free in our minds right now. When she’s not lapping up praise for her performance as Euphoria’s Cassie from gays and girls on the internet, she’s either appearing in Cosmopolitan as their first ever female centrefold or gearing up to perform in gritty new indie movies, like National Anthem, opposite Halsey and Scary Movie king Simon Rex.

But that’s not at all! Sydney also spends plenty of time on her TikTok burner dedicated to her side hustle: renovating classic cars. Yep, the actor and qualified MMA fighter (no, really) is booked and busy, but when she’s not in front of a camera, you’ll find her hard at work bringing a 1969 Ford Bronco back to life. What’s more, today we learned more about where her love for her new hobby came from.

In a GQ Hype interview, Sydney revealed her passion to i-D contributor Iana Murray. “I changed over the transmission, and I fixed up the front and rear axle from drum brakes to disc brakes,” she says about her recent developments. “I made it power steering. Everything to make it a safe everyday drive but still look classic.” You can find equally indescribable breakdowns of her new craft on said account, @syds_garage

Okay so fair, it might not be a burner burner -- the account has a million followers and a blue tick verification -- but considering most have made their names on TikTok through dance videos or, in the case of celebrities, riffing off of memes the public have made of them, it’s sort of iconic to see Sydney forgo that altogether and just become a massive motorhead instead. 

In the interview, Sydney explains how she fell into the hobby through her dad’s friend, who does the same but with vintage Porsches, claiming that she never meant for it to blow up this way. But of course, the algorithm kicked in now it boasts 1 million followers.

Head over to her TikTok here to get a closer look at how Sydney’s new ride is looking, then catch up with this week’s episode once you’re done. How nice for Sydney to have a constant when she’s going through the rollercoaster of playing Cassie on screen each week.

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