These photographers are selling prints to support local food banks

Buy beautiful images from Viviane Sassen, Sarah van Rij, Hajar Benjida and many more to support Pictures for Purpose.

by Rolien Zonneveld
12 May 2020, 5:06pm

Inspired by the success of artist-led initiatives like 100 Fotografi per Bergamo in Italy and Pictures for Elmhurst in New York, this week Viviane Sassen, Gilleam Trapenberg, Kyle Weeks and many more photographers have launched Pictures for Purpose, a fundraising print sale. Involving 36 photographers from the Netherlands-based creative community, the sale features a multi-genre and cross-generation selection of photographers’ work, with one half of the profits going towards the Dutch Food Bank, and the other to the participating photographers -- acting as an additional channel of support for those affected by the socio-economic consequences of the pandemic.

The Dutch Voedselbank has been fighting poverty in the Netherlands since 2002 by providing food to households most in need of support. Just one week into the lockdown, it was already reporting severe shortages and growing demand. The number of people reliant on food banks has risen significantly in recent weeks and is expected to increase yet further in the near future. Where €5 can provide one household with food for a whole week, the proceeds from each print sold could support at least 10 families.

The sale will last for two weeks, until May 25, and includes work from, but not limited to, i-D faves such as Sanja Marušić, Desiré van den Berg, Hajar Benjida, Julia Marino, Lotte van Raalte, Olya Oleinic, and Sarah van Rij , as well as old masters like Bertien van Manen.

Each print is €125, including print costs. They are for sale via until May 25.

photo of woman's neck
© Courtesy of Kyle Weeks
abstract photo of plant
© Courtesey of Olya Oleinic
© Courtesey of Lotte van Raalte
close up photo of woman's chest
© Courtesy of Hajar Benjida
abstract photo of chameleon
© Courtesy of Viviane Sassen
photo of ants on rocks
© Courtesy of Julia Marino
abstract photo of circle
© Courtesey of Gilleam Trapenberg
black and white abstract photo of nude woman
© Courtesey of Vera van Dam
photo of landscape
© Courtesey of Desiré van den Berg
photo of shadow of hand
© Courtesy of Sarah van RIj
Hajar Benjida
Viviane Sassen
Sarah van Rij