Meet the fashion students in the first ever online global design graduate show

You can vote for your favourite entries in each of the art and design categories.

by Tom George
28 August 2020, 3:00pm

Voting is open for the first ever online Global Design Graduate Show where i-D teamed up with ARTSTHREAD to give art and design graduates of 2020 a chance to showcase their work.

Aleksandra in Poland, Charlotte in Paris and Maria in Israel are three designers who entered the fashion category -- in collaboration with Gucci. Check out their projects below as we chat to them about finishing their courses and how the pandemic affected their work.

You can vote for your favourites in all art and design categories here until 14 September 2020.


Aleksandra Szcząchor, 23, Fashion Design Diploma from Kraków School of Art and Fashion Design KSA. Poland.

Graduate Project Theme: It’s called “Girls just wanna…” and reflects the duality of female nature.

Has the pandemic changed your graduate project?

I finished the project before lockdown. However our show was cancelled and so we lost the chance to present our work to professionals which is a big deal for young designers.

What has helped you get through the past few months?

My parents have been so supportive.

What are the challenges of showing your work online?

The magic that you get on a runway is missing - seeing the front row’s reaction. Breaking through the information mass is another challenge. Anyone can be a creator on the Internet; it is difficult to be noticed.


Charlotte Vincent, 25, Fashion Design & Technique Bachelor from the Institut Français de la Mode. France.

Graduate Project Theme: It is called ‘Ceremonial constructivism’, inspired by Imperial Russia.


Describe your workspace.

I’m in my father’s apartment where I created a little studio on his old desk. It has an inspiring view of the rooftops of Paris.

Have you had to produce less work?

We had to produce one less look which gave me more time to create and deepen my research. I could think about all the finishing and details from the beginning.

What has helped you get through the past few months?

The people I love. Also, every day for an hour, I walk around the Seine listening to music and looking at the Parisian lights reflected on the water.

What are some positive learning outcomes from this process?

I understand the importance of others; sharing and discussing with them. Calls with friends and teachers really motivated and encouraged me.


Maria Getmansky, 28, BDes Textile Design from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. Israel.

Graduate Project Theme: My project is called BASIC THOUGHTS and maps my emotional and mental state during this pandemic.

Describe your workspace.

I needed space, so the floor of my tiny apartment is my new desk.

What do you wish someone had told you at the start of your graduate project?

Spend less time researching everything and more time experimenting.

What has helped you get through the past few months?

The tufting needle I got just before lockdown. I ended up doing my entire project by hand with it!

You can vote for your favourite entries in all the art and design categories here.