Daniel Roseberry walks us through Schiaparelli’s most viral looks

From Gaga's bulletproof inauguration gown to Kim K's moulded six pack, the Texan visionary dissects his designs that broke the internet.

by Osman Ahmed
19 November 2021, 11:34am

Who says haute couture is dead? The fine art of French dressmaking may be for the few, but at Schiaparelli — the fashion house founded just under a century ago — couture has never gone more viral. Thanks to Daniel Roseberry, the Texan creative director who was brought in to revamp the house two years ago, Paris’ petite mains have never been busier rustling up looks for the likes of Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Cardi B.

These stars flock to Schiaparelli for Daniel’s sense of American kitsch and camp. Muscular ‘Incredible Hulk’ physiques are turned into sculpted corset-like bodysuits, dresses have the touch and fit of swimsuits (albeit in stretch silk velvet bonded to a tissue-light neoprene), denim is transformed by dazzling Lesage embroideries that riff on teeth and toes, and golder-than-gold embellishments and jewellery has become a house signature. It’s stop-you-in-your-scrolling couture for the spectacle of twenty-first century social media

From Lady Gaga’s bullet-proof gown (yes, really) to Cardi B’s gold breastplates (nipples and all), we caught up with Daniel, in town to celebrate a new Schiaparelli installation at Dover Street Market, to discuss his most viral looks yet.

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