You can now go on a virtual tour of Drake’s mansion

What if we kissed… in Drake’s virtual mansion?

by Tom George
16 November 2021, 12:48pm

Instagram @drakerelated @champagnepapi

Is there anything more intriguing than a celebrity's home? Like, what do they do in there? Do people who ring the doorbell have to wait ages for it to be answered? Do people still have butlers? Anyway, here to provide no clarity on those questions but to nonetheless offer you a peek inside his 50,000 square feet Toronto mansion, Drake has turned his website into a virtual tour of, what he calls, “The Embassy”, launching in time for the 10th anniversary of his sophomore album Take Care.

When you enter the website — the home for everything Drake related of course— you're taken to a CGI drone-like shot of Drake’s driveway. Google Maps style arrows gain you entry to Drake’s studio, lounge and the bedroom, the latter rather creepily through a window. Adding to the Beauty and the Beast energy of the single malting rose on the front steps, there’s a whole section of the mansion that is still off limits -- although it seems like the closet, garage and that famous NBA sized basketball court will be virtually accessible at a later date.

Inside the mansion is the same art-deco meets 70s-mod style decor that we saw in Drake’s Architectural Digest interview a year ago and again in his “Toosie Slide” music video. Virtual Drake clearly didn’t clean up his virtual home because strewn around the place are balled up pieces of paper on the studio floor, clothes and shoes on furniture, a random massive diamond sitting on the rug and his albums arranged messily in the lounge. It all seems to serve a purpose though, with each of the items linking out to places where fans can buy Drake’s merch, albums and collaboration apparel.

The website (and the interiors) feels quintessential Drake, but doesn’t really fill that intrigue for how the other half live in the way MTV Cribs did 20 years ago. These days we get Vogue and Architectural Digest tours, which do give us a chance to discuss Kim Kardashian’s impractical flat sinks and chaotic fridge organisation, Liv Tyler’s tiny piano and Kylie Jenner’s transformation into Stormi’s singing alarm clock, but don’t feel as candid. Cara Delevingne’s vagina tunnel notwithstanding.

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