Celina Ralph is "Spontaneous, creative, caring and bald"

The model and psychotherapy student on shaving her hair off, landing her first magazine cover and the biggest myth around modelling.

by i-D Staff
17 June 2021, 4:00pm

Celina Ralph’s story originally appeared in i-D's The New Worldwi-De Issue, no. 363, Summer 2021. Order your copy here.

**Hey Celina! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
**I'm 21 and I’m from Hastings which is an arty little town by the sea, an hour or so from London. I've been modelling since I was 16 and at the moment I’m studying psychotherapy.

**Describe yourself in four words…
**Spontaneous, creative, caring and bald.

**Do you have any secret talents?
**I can do a really good impression of a sheep.

How do you feel about your i-D cover dropping today? It’s my first ever cover! I'm very anxious but also excited, I really love the pictures.

What was the shoot like? There was a beautiful sense of exploration and collaboration between everyone. No one was afraid to play with ideas or concepts. I love shoots like that, the weirder the better in my book.

What's the biggest myth about modelling? "You're a model so you must be confident." Such a myth. Being in an industry with a heightened sense of comparison and judgment being made on how you look, can cause a lot of insecurity in models. Self confidence is a process for everyone!

**What's the best thing about having a buzz cut?
**I'd say the feeling of liberation it gives you. There’s something very liberating about being a woman with no hair.

And the worst? Probably the comments random men have made about how much prettier I would  be if I had hair. But whatever! It's a complete reflection on them and a lesson for me not to care about other people’s perceptions of you.

**What was it like shaving your head for the first time? What inspired you to do it?
**My man actually shaved my head for me the first time. It was a couple hours before I got on a plane with my best friend to travel around the Philippines for a few months, so it felt quite significant. I don't think anything really inspired me to do it, it was just an urge I’d had for two years.

What's on your post lockdown bucket list this summer? Any music event with big crowds filled with people dancing and hugging.

Is there a show you're most excited to walk in when things reopen? Any show would be cool! But I definitely want to walk for Alexander McQueen. I love working with them and I feel very comfortable in their clothes.

000854 IDM 01G MRS CC-F02_SD_72dpi.jpg
This page: Celina wears blazer, trousers and kilt Molly Goddard (menswear) AW21. Top MM6 Maison Margiela. Shoes (worn throughout) Reebok. Opposite page: All clothing Balenciaga (menswear) AW21 and earring (worn throughout) Balenciaga.
000854 IDM 02G MRS CC-F02_SD_72dpi.jpg
Cardigan Louis Vuitton (menswear) AW21. Vest Calvin Klein.
000854 IDM 13F MRS CC-F02_SD_72dpi.jpg
All clothing Loewe (menswear) AW21.
000854 IDM 10G MRS CC-F02_SD_72dpi.jpg
Jumper Prada (menswear) AW21. Vest model’s own. Boxer shorts stylist’s studio.
000854 IDM 04G MRS CC-F02_SD_72dpi.jpg
Jumper Raf Simons SS99 vintage from Artifact New York.
000854 IDM 11F MRS CC-F02_SD_72dpi.jpg
All clothing Comme des Garçons Homme Plus AW21.
000854 IDM 08G MRS CC-F02_SD_72dpi.jpg
All clothing Molly Goddard (menswear) AW21.
000854 IDM 12F MRS CC-F02_SD_72dpi.jpg
Jumper Dior (menswear) AW21. Vest model’s own. Jeans Balenciaga (menswear) AW21.
000854 IDM 07i MRS CC-F02_SD_72dpi.jpg
Jumper Valentino (menswear) AW21. Jeans Balenciaga (menswear) AW21.
000854 IDM 03H MRS CC-F02_SD_72dpi.jpg
Vest Fendi (menswear) AW21.
000854 IDM 05F MRS CC-F02_SD_72dpi.jpg
Jumper and hat Burberry (menswear) AW21. Jeans Balenciaga (menswear) AW21.
000854 IDM 09F MRS CC-F02_SD_72dpi.jpg
All clothing Molly Goddard (menswear) AW21.
000854 IDM 06F MRS CC-F02_SD_72dpi.jpg
Coat Loewe (menswear) AW21. T-shirt Raf Simons SS02 vintage from Artifact New York. Jeans Balenciaga (menswear) AW21.


Photography Mario Sorrenti
Styling Alastair McKimm

Make-up Kanako Takase at Streeters using Addiction Beauty.
Set design Philipp Haemmerle.
Nail technician Honey at Exposure NY using Londontown.
Photography assistance Javier Villegas and Brett Ross.
Digital technician Kotaro Kawashima.
Styling assistance Madison Matusich and Ava Langham.
Set design assistance Adam Dicarlo.
Production Katie Fash and Layla Néméjanski.
On set production Steve Sutton.
Production assistance William Cipos.
Casting director Samuel Ellis Scheinman at DMCASTING.
Model Celina Ralph at The Society.