there’s going to be a black girl festival in london

Save the date.

by Georgie Wright
16 October 2017, 4:23pm

Illustration Mariel No for Black Girl Festival

"This is needed because black British women are never truly celebrated for just existing in a world that places us at the bottom of the heap," says Paula Apkin -- gal-dem's social media editor, co-founder of the I'm Tired project and co-curator of the first Black Girl Festival. Working alongside Unmasked Women's Nicole Crentsil, the pair are putting on a day long festival on 29 October, to coincide with Black History Month in a "one of a kind celebration which recognises that being a black girl in the UK is both a beautiful and hard thing," Dazed reports.

"We find that many black girl events are targeted to heterosexual able-bodied women and girls," Crenstil says. "We want to create an event that acknowledges ALL black British women, or self-identifying women, into our space. How could we celebrate us without celebrating all of us?"

The festival will bring together an impressive selection of contributors to facilitate dialogue around issues facing black women today -- including a workshop hosted by BBZ and a marketplace selling the work of black female artists like Olivia Twist and Dorcas Magbadelo, as well as zines from gal-dem and SWEET THANG.

The pair ensured it is a free event (using Crowdfunder) in the interest of inclusivity. But its popularity only evidences that it's a timely and necessary event, one that we hope to see many more of.

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