young at heart for ashley williams spring/summer 18

Fashion East graduate Ashley Williams' collection was filled with her signature anarchic sense of humour.

by Felix Petty; photos by Lily Bertrand-Webb
16 September 2017, 11:25am

The invite to this year's Ashley Williams show was a smudge stick. The music playing, as we entered the Swiss Church on Endell Street, was the theme to Jurassic Park. The press release included quotes from Wendy O. Williams and Miley Cyrus, and talked about the need to grow up (never!), be more mindful and, like, realising things ("like an activated charcoal shot to her boujie lifestyle, she then clutched her pearls and headed toward the glittering glamour of Hollywood").

The Tony Hornecker-designed set included crystals and a Bart Simpson cut-out. So yes, Ashley Williams spring/summer 18 was all about duality. Getting older but trying to stay young at heart. Being better to your body and mind and soul (at least between Monday and Thursday).

For all that though, the clothes were pure and simple, and wonderfully what we expect from Ashley Williams: charming, funny, punky, wearable, cool. Animal print, youthful tailoring, a dash of new wave-y punk attitude, amazing prints, and an anarchic sense of humour.

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