see craig green's AW19 campaign here first

“I have always been interested in how reality can be shifted or appears differently through alternate points-of-view.”

by Felix Petty
11 September 2019, 7:45am

The starting point for Craig Green’s AW19 show was the idea of a “man made of glass” – fragility and vulnerability refiguring through a prism of strength. Over the seasons Craig has repeatedly focussed in, laser sharp and with a poetic softness on this dichotomy: the power of delicacy and tenderness.

Craig’s shows have become an undeniable highlight of the men’s fashion calendar – but equally so have his campaigns. From burning sculptures to human life rafts to towering windmills, he’s consistently and beautifully subverted the boring traditions of advertising images. He's turned this most commercial of mediums into something magical and otherworldly.


His AW19 campaign is no different. Shot again by Dan Tobin Smith – it further explores the collections themes – the man alone, suspended, out of time. The images evoke the light hitting a stained glass window, the heavy and sublime atmosphere of an old church. Each image comes twice – they explore paradoxes. Light and dark, obviously, static and movement, reality and illusion, boundaries that never meet, memories and future imaginings.

“I have always been interested in how reality can be shifted or appears differently through alternate points-of-view,” Craig explains to us, “An idea that relates back to the concept behind the AW19 collection; how fragility can also be viewed as strength, not always weakness, dependent on which way you look at it.”

Check it out below…

craig green