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finn wolfhard’s ultimate summer survival playlist

Because if there’s anyone who knows how to survive summer (and monsters trying to destroy your town), it’s Finn Wolfhard.

by Frankie Dunn
04 June 2019, 7:00am

Photography Mitch Zachary

This summer is Finn Wolfhard’s busiest one yet. Hardly surprising when you consider the acceleration rate of the young Hollywood actor, frontman of indie rock band Calpurnia and new face of Saint Laurent’s career. “Oh man… between commercial and publicity obligations, I have to go back and forth to Europe a couple times in May and June, plus LA and NY a few times. And that’s not counting gigs and a new project coming up,” he told i-D from Primavera. “I also have to finish school, so it seems a bit overwhelming at times.”

Stranger Things fans might be fully focused on Finn’s return to Hawkins for season three (fireworks due 4 July), but a quick scan of The Internet makes it clear that there’s a whole lot else in progress, including roles in It: Chapter Two and the adaptation of Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch. How does he do it? “Right now, surviving mostly means sleeping whenever I can and taking advantage of any hours off to have fun, see friends and saying no to a lot of stuff that if I did do… I know I would go over the edge.”

Finn Wolfhard Pull&Bear Primavera Sound

Something he didn’t say no to is becoming a brand ambassador for Primavera Sound collaborators Pull&Bear alongside his Stranger Things so-star Sadie Sink. The duo, it transpires, have inspired capsule collections of festival-friendly denim and tie dye-heavy summer designs.

Thoroughly impressed by his work ethic, we dragged Finn away from the festival fun to quiz him on everything he’s learnt about survival so far. Better still, the music fan has only gone and made us a playlist to aid with said survival. From Smoko by The Chats to Ariana Grande's Needy; Feels Alright by The Nude Party to Post Animal’s Ralphie... this playlist slaps. Press play and read on as we discuss i-D cover star Greta Thunberg; battling zombies with Keanu Reeves; and how adults, with their heads up their own asses, are leading us towards extinction.

Finn Wolfhard! Buddy! Pal! You've played characters who’ve beaten evil clowns and monsters from the upside down... what have you learnt about survival?
Well, that’s fiction, which is fun, but in the real world we have friends in communities that have been under stress for generations. Friends who’ve survived colonialism and racism and all the other ills that could have crushed them. From them, I know that survival means patience and perseverance and resilience. Changing things up when the current reality isn’t working. Using humour as you keep moving forward.

What’s your zombie apocalypse contingency plan? Who would you want by your side?
I would take Keanu Reeves and his martial arts skills and my buddies Mac Demarco and Cadien Lake James with their angelic voices and fun-loving ways. Also Cadien is fucking huge -- he’d make zombies pay.

Feeling hopeful that we can save our planet and survive extinction?
No. But there are a few people trying to raise awareness in my generation, like Greta Thunberg

When political leadership is absent or ignorant or compromised, we have to be realistic about the possibilities for change. And when so many adults have their heads so far up their asses that they can’t distinguish between fantasy and reality, it's going to be a very tough road.

At least now it’ll have a good soundtrack? Tell us about your playlist selection...
These are all songs from bands I admire and who have a great attitude about how to survive ethically and financially in the music business.

This article originally appeared on i-D UK.

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