monopoly now has a custom drake edition

Community Chest just got a Champagne Papi upgrade.

by Lael Hines
23 August 2018, 3:58pm

Image via Twitter

Over the years Monopoly has had many a custom upgrade, but the most recent -- a specially made custom Drake board in classy black and white -- might just be the best one yet. Toronto’s venue Scotiabank arena gifted Drake with this custom Monopoly board: North Side edition, ahead of his ‘Aubrey and the Three Migos’ gig in the city earlier this week. As expected, the game has sparked lots of excitement from fans, with even the 77-year-old city councillor of Toronto Norm Kelley tweeting: “A sign that you’ve made it: your own version of Monopoly."

Drake’s custom board features ‘God’s plan’ cards include telling you to ‘go to Markham road’ after a ‘late night DM’, to collect a $150 wedding gift for ‘getting the girl of your dreams’, and to pay $20 to someone because, God’s plan. You can move along the board as an OVO owl, a Nike sneaker, a bottle of Drakkar Noir, a pretty lady, or even Jimmy Brooks’ wheelchair from Degrassi. Property wise, Kennedy Station, 15 Fort York Apt. 1503 (where Drake recorded some of his early stuff), and restaurant Sotto Sotto are all up for grabs.

Bad news though, unfortunately Drake Monopoly isn’t actually available to buy. The board was designed by Luke Kinmond for Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd, who confirmed on Wednesday that the game is not up for sale and was instead a special gift just for Champagne Papi.

The venue often gifts their high-profile performers with fancy things, and has no intention of mass-producing the game, which was inspired by something Drake said to TMX back in 2015 about his strategy for a revitalized acting career. "You ever play Monopoly and won?" he explained. "I'm all over the board."

I guess it’s back to Old Kent Road and Mayfair then. Shame.

This article originally appeared on i-D UK.