björk just shared her out of this world "utopia" album artwork and release date

"Jupiterian gratitudes to magical Arca for the musicmaking," the singer writes.

by Frankie Dunn
31 October 2017, 2:20pm

This article was originally published by i-D UK.

"utopia is coming out nov24. cover by the talented jesse kanda. jupiterian gratitudes to arca for the musicmaking!" And so, with a simple tweet shared just under an hour ago, Björk got the whole world excited by artwork by Jesse Kanda that has her looking markedly more alien than usual. Longtime collaborator and game-changing artist in his own right Arca soon followed up by sharing a beautifully penned message from Björk herself.

"the soft merge that yielded this album has been one of the most oxygenating experiences i've had in my lifetime. can i be a little sentimental?" she asked. Yes. Always. Please. "i cherish every single moment in the 2+ year journey of this album with you and james and jesse. the licking raindrops out of the salty air in the tropics & listening for birds, swimming in green, and the luminous rainbow that flooded the air after. it floods me still each day with colors i didn't know."

Signing off, she dreamily notes that, "this album truly carries a piece of utopia for me - & one that is already smilingly real. unquantifiable, hundreds of thousands of sparkles effortlessly magicked by the regal james merry. i love u." Heaven.

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