oh, lorde! stevie nicks has a message for you

“If you run into her please tell her that I’m looking for her.”

by Roisin Lanigan
21 November 2017, 4:28pm

Image via Instagram

This article was originally published by i-D UK.

How did witches communicate with each other in the old days? Did they like write messages across the sky on their broomsticks, or tie letters to their black cats? Did they use bat mail? Did they only get a chance to catch up whenever the coven got together? Well anyway, in modern times, iconic witches like magical ingenue Lorde and eternal supreme Stevie Nicks communicate over Twitter. Specifically in this video posted to Twitter:

Currently touring in Lorde’s homeland of New Zealand, Stevie Nicks paused her show to communicate a special message to a musician she admires. “I wish she was here," she told the crowd (she means Lorde, obv). “I was hoping I could cross paths with her, but I think she’s so very talented. And if she had been my age and lived in our age she probably would have been the third girl in Fleetwood Mac.

“So if you run into her please tell her that I’m looking for her.”

And then she seamlessly transitioned into a beautiful rendition of the Fleetwood Mac classic "Landslide," because she is Stevie Nicks and she can casually stop a concert to praise young talent before blessing us with more flawless music.

Lorde has responded to the speech as we would all respond if Stevie Nicks complimented us: emotionally. “I could cry,” Lorde wrote (complete with crying emojis so you know it’s for real). Then she thanked “mother witch Stevie.”

Does this mean we can look forward to a Stevie Nicks x Lorde collaboration in 2018? Please, please say yes.

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