detox catwalk: greenpeace name most eco-friendly fashion brands

The environmental activists shout out the companies making the most effort to remove toxic chemicals from their supply chains.

by i-D Staff
09 July 2016, 12:15am

Greenpeace have announced the stars of their Detox Catwalk 2016, a leaderboard of fashion brands making efforts to clean up the industry and set a new standard in toxic-free fashion. Their aim: to encourage companies to make their own Detox commitment by eliminating all hazardous chemicals from the supply chain by 2020.

Following its launch in 2011, Greenpeace's Detox Campaign has flourished, attracting numbers of big names to its cause. Zara, Benetton and H&M are the companies singled out in 2016 for leading the industry toward a cleaner, brighter future -- one free from harmful, toxic chemicals that "pollute our rivers, enter our bodies and cause havoc from the factory to the high street," Greenpeace explain.

Other brands identified are in the "evolution mode". According to Greenpeace, Burberry, adidas, Levi and Puma have begun to make a change but need to "evolve faster" to achieve the commitment.

Though the Detox Catwalk seeks to celebrate the brands who are making positive changes, Greenpeace still caution that, "The textile industry as a whole is not doing enough to go toxic-free," explaining that, "16 out of the 19 brands assessed are stumbling over transparency issues or failing to eliminate toxic chemicals." With just a few years to meet the 2020 deadline, Greenpeace say they need to speed up.

Fashion brands, step up your game! Because who doesn't want to be toxic-free by 2020?


Text Libby Horobin
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