the ghostbusters trailer is the most disliked video in youtube history

The internet can't decide if it’s offended by a female cast, the risk of a black actress being typecast, or plain old clunky dialog.

by Hannah Butterworth
03 May 2016, 5:01am

Screen grab via YouTube

Despite the epic cast and huge hype, Paul Feig's Ghostbusters reboot is officially the most disliked film trailer in the history of Youtube. It's clocked over 30 million views since March, and in incredible number of dislikes. Over 638,786 people gave it a thumbs down.

So, why is the internet so bummed out? A portion of the backlash is over the decision to cast women in a previous male franchise. Scheduled for release this July, the remake's all-female cast includes Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and Saturday Night Live cast members Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. The plot appears to be pretty simple: four women with varying skills ride around NYC in a Cadillac whooping paranormal ass. Sure, the dialogue is a little clunky, but doesn't seem to warrant the wrath it's received. But the ire runs deeper than stock-standard online misogyny.

Paul Feig has already faced criticism over Leslie Jones' character. Mirroring the original, the white leads are all academics, while the only person of colour is a street-smart stranger who becomes embroiled in their mission. That character is now played by Leslie, and people argue the part is little more than an 'angry black woman' cliché.

For what it's worth, Leslie disagrees. The always quotable actress and comedian has made it clear she doesn't need anyone defending or speaking for her. Last year she noted this criticsm often came from white people—and that was plain condescending. In a series of Tweets she responded: "Why can't a regular person be a ghostbuster. I'm confused. And why can't I be the one who plays them, I am a performer. Just go see the movie!" and "I'm playing a hardworking woman. The regular one that rep the people. You guys are the racists by labelling her a lowly MTA worker. Not me."

In an interview with the Daily News, Paul added, "I don't care what shape or size or colour or anything they are, I live or die on what things are funny and whether or not people will be entertained by them."With that in mind, we hope he subscribes to the rule, never read the comments. 


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