this teen girl’s beyoncé-inspired pre-prom performance is legendary

Queen Bey has inspired another epic Prom moment.

by Wendy Syfret
23 June 2016, 6:25am

Screengrab via Facebook

Beyoncé and proms go together like, well Beyonce and pretty much anything because she is amazing. This prom season alone, her Met Gala style has already inspired one teenage girl's look. Now, a second mega fan has now taken it to a whole other place. Yesterday a video began circulating on social media of a high school girl's epic pre-prom performance.

The clip opens on a suburban front porch, accented with a red carpet, smoke machine and black and yellow balloons. In case you're not caught up, black and yellow are the Beyhive colours. While her date stands by — clearly overwhelmed by the majesty of what's happening — not one, but two, dancers emerge and pull out a jaw dropping routine to Formation.

After some seriously choreographed preamble our girl does a total Bey, emerging in a cloud of smoke, pausing to pose for photos in front of the cheering crowd who have gathered to watch this all go down.

While someone in the clip can be hear commenting, "The prom is going to be over by the time they get done makin' that poor man stand there and watch that B.S," we personally think it would be worth it. 


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Screengrab via Facebook

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