here's what went down at coachella

​Find out what happened at a festival where Kanye was quiet, N.W.A got back together and Bernie Sanders was king.

by Lula Ososki
18 April 2016, 11:33pm


This year's Coachella first weekend was one big, surprise-filled party in the Californian desert. Here's what went down….

Kanye West made a surprise appearance during A$AP Rocky's Friday night set, however it didn't go quite as planned. Yeezy jumped out to perform Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 from The Life of Pablo, but his mic cut out before the sound went out entirely. A$AP and Kanye kept going for another few minutes despite the lack of sound and unaware of the malfunction as fans watched a seemingly silent Kanye pour his heart out into a non-working microphone.

Killer Mike of Run the Jewels is known for being a big Bernie Sanders fan. At this year's Coachella their relationship stepped it up a notch, as Sanders introduced Run The Jewels in a pre-recorded video message played out on a giant screen. "One of the highlights of running for president over this past year is getting to know Killer Mike," said the American politician and Democratic president candidate. "I thought the least I could do for both of you is help you out by bringing a few young people together". Feel the Bern!

Grimes brought out Janelle Monae and Aristophanes during her set, who have both featured on her new album Art Angels. Collaborator Janelle Monae joined Grimes to perform Venus Fly alongside Taiwanese rapper Aristophanes who came to the stage to perform SCREAM. Taylor Swift, Lorde and HAIM were dancing in the front row, all loving Grimes' performance. Bernie Sanders also made his second virtual appearance at Coachella, as a huge Grimes-endorsed illustration of Sanders flashed up on the screen behind her during her set.

At one of the most talked about performances of Coachella, Ice Cube held a mini on-stage reunion, as (most) the members of N.W.A. joined him to knock out some old favourites, including Straight Outta Compton and F*ck tha Police. Snoop Dogg also joined the show, rolling out on a glittery tricycle in true Snoop style to perform Go to Church and The Next Episode.

Sia pulled out all the stops for her set, which transformed into more of a performance art piece that a festival show. Wearing her signature wig, Sia was joined by her mini-me collaborator, 13-year-old dancer Maddie Ziegler, who also appeared alongside Kirsten Wiig (wearing a wig), Paul Dano and Tig Notaro.

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