premiere: chiara hunter, hammer (cautious clay remix)

Cautious Clay delivers in one hell of remix for the rising r&b/pop princess.

by i-D Staff
15 March 2016, 6:15pm

Chaira Hunter is the Australian born, London-living singer songwriter that could be filed alongside the likes of up and comers Karen Harding and Dua Lipa. Her latest drop Hammer, is the third offering taken from her debut project, The Strange Relationships EP, in which she explores exactly that. "Hammer is about the kind of person that crashes into your life and instantly makes you feel like, 'fuck, this person is so cool, I just wanna run away and do crazy shit, be alive and in this moment,'" Hunter explains. "It's a celebration of the mad ones, 'cause they make you want to be mad too". 

Having already fired out killer remixes for Zak Abel and Astronomyy to name just a few, Cautious Clay lends his electronic soul hand to take the track down a level resulting in something super smooth. Funk-fuelled percussion and feint guitar, piano and trumpet licks sit alongside beats that would be at home in a Kaytranada sound pallet. "Chiara's soulful vocal inspired me to really take a more organic, live approach," Clay explains. M"odelling the aesthetic of Herbie Hancock's Head Hunters in my production, I really tried to give space where needed but also fill new areas and aspects of the song with horns, guitars, and keys." Press play on the exclusive i-D premiere.

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