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With Eats Everything's new Fabric compilation #86 released as a tribute to the club’s history, and a long weekend full of party about to begin, Fabric takes us on a trip through the archives and down memory (loss) lane. Calling on DJ friends and family...

by i-D Staff
24 March 2016, 1:25pm

"Fabric is an institution and has played an incredibly important part in the music you hear today. From the very beginning, they championed DnB as well as all underground forms of music with a passion - many times when other clubs wouldn't of had the bottle to do so! I've lost count of the amount of unforgettable nights I've had down there and I know it holds a special place in the hearts of all that's walked through the doors." Andy C

"Here's myself and Chico! He used to do the guest list, he was cool. I think I was trying to show him my teeth were as white as his, but sort of look like a Chipmonk. You used to know when he'd finished, there would be lots of whooping and animal noises all of a sudden, you'd think 'What the!' and there he was! There's alway been a lot of characters at fabric and still is, I love that. I think people are pretty much the same now, just younger than me!" Terry Francis

'I can't remember exactly the first time I went to Fabric but I remember the excitement I felt as it inadvertently began the next chapter in my raving career. Lakota in Bristol was way past its glory days and the other parties we loved were dying. The first few Fabric and Fabriclive CDs had come out, and it seemed an almost unreachable place, like Twilo or Ministry Of Sound had felt a few years before. It's gone from strength to strength in the years since it opened and is run by the best team of people, with the best residents and an amazing crowd each week. It's one of my favourite places, not just in terms of nightclubs, but in the world. Long may its reign continue." Eats Everything

"I have held a weekly residency at the club since the beginning. I've hardly missed a week, mainly because very little lives up to my experience at Fabric. I play every week on an incredible sound system to a crowd of people who feel the music. What more could a DJ want? In sixteen years I have been lucky enough to play alongside, witness and listen to some of the most amazing techno and house DJs and live acts imaginable. However, there are far too many experiences for me to list specific moments or specific artists. I am extremely proud to have been involved in such a significant project. Last year wasn't easy, but despite tough times we are still in Farringdon and still contributing to the growth and presentation of high quality electronic music." Craig Richards

"Fabric has to be one of my favourite clubs to play in London - the attention to detail when it was built by Keith was stunning and has obviously proved the test of time as it is still musically ahead of the game and leading in London." Carl Cox

"I've probably been going to Fabric for 13 years now & been playing there for 8. When I was young it was the 1st 'big' club I ever went to and it absolutely blew my mind. Standing in Room 2 engulfed in smoke and inside a huge green laser tunnel, I can remember having a literal epiphany and thinking, 'this is going to be my path'. That's why Logos and I named a track on our album Room 2 Lazer. On the other side of things, I grew up on an hearty diet of the Fabric monthly CDs and they were really important to the musical development of my circles of friends, so to have a little silver tin with my name on was a real personal achievement for me. Fabric is massively, massively important in the timeline of UK underground music and I look forward to many more years of nights out there." Mumdance

"Clearly taken early in the night at the fabric birthday, later the pants came off… and at some point the underwear as well, because I didn't like lines they made in my dress. At the very end of the night, we found the underwear in this corner of the club. Laughter ensued." Seth Troxler

"This was a birthday weekend, probably around 2001/02… I'm pretty sure this was late Sunday night or Monday morning. This is myself, Judy and our office manager of the time Ruth Enfield - clearly having a lovely time! It was an incredible period for the club. We were still a relatively small team back then and we were pretty inseparable. I would go to work for my Friday shift and get home at around 6am Monday saying "see you lunchtime!" to my colleagues. I mourn the stamina of youth. I also mourn that waistline!" Shaun Roberts, just left Fabric after 16 years as promotions manager 


Photography courtesy of Fabric
Eats Everything shot by Danny Seaton

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