goths, glitter, glow: five makeup artists you'll actually be inspired by

Wanna try something a little more editorial? Tired of attempting to get the wings of you eyeliner even but never-ever getting them to match exactly? Us too. Instead of looking through a big glossy, scroll through these Instagram accounts for unique...

by i-D Staff and Isabelle Hellyer
03 November 2016, 9:45pm

Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick, @kelseyannaf
Kelseyanna's glossy, super pigmented eyes are anonymously reposted on Instagram all the time — her work has probably appeared on your explore page countless times, whether she was credited or not. The Canadian artist has a special knack for creating looks out of anything other than makeup too — beads, thread, even tiny cutlery. Some of the freshest creations on her feed are the ones she wears herself, day-to-day: those bleached brows are immaculate, and her colored lash extensions are a stroke of beauty brilliance.

Maren Bailey, @teratologly
Teratoly, AKA Maren Bailey, has gained something of a cult following for her immaculate geometric eye looks and ultra glossy lips. Her lines are needlepoint thin, and her curves always precise: she's basically the queen of next-level liquid eyeliner. Her freaky eyebrow designs and way with eyelash extensions are also a delight. Lately, she's branched out into 3D makeup: ultra long paper cutouts that extend off her face and towards the sky. Maren's look is so singular that she acts as both an artist and a muse to other creatives — designers like Sydney's Wet Nature have worked with her on beautiful crossover collaborations.

Anne Sophie Costa, @annesophiecosta,
The London-based makeup artist's ultra-fresh feed inspires us to go bare-faced more often. Anne plays with texture and glow, choosing slight imperfections over caked-on foundation. Her clever flips on current beauty trends — highlighting the cheekbone with real stars, dabbing on freckles with opalescent glitter — suggest 'popular' doesn't always translate to 'boring.' Eye makeup over the brow doesn't seem too wild now either.

Bea Sweet, @beasweetbeauty
Bea, a British makeup artist, is always attentive to the smallest details in her work. She makes sure the waterline of the eye is also colored green in a watermelon look, or places every single glint of glitter just-so in a tiny smattering at the tearduct. Bea will apply the lightest touch — a single holographic line, for example — and somehow create the biggest look on your feed. Her molten eyes are just compelling; the gooey, shining oil-slicks always inspire hundreds of comments begging to know what products she used. It probably wouldn't surprise you to hear that she looks after Charli XCX, and has touched the faces of icons Paris Hilton and FKA Twigs too.

Juliana Horner, @__1__2__7__
Juliana Horner, the artist formerly known as @glittrsmack, gained a passionate online following under her earlier alias. Her work was constantly reposted; appearing on every conceivable platform across every corner of the web. Perhaps it all became a bit much — to see her work fragmented and dispersed at a rate impossible to track — because Juliana rebranded as 127 and deleted almost everything from her account. Don't worry, she's still doing makeup, and she's released a soft-cover retrospective art book to farewell the @glittrsmack era, so her clever cut-creases will live on. 


Photography via @kelseyannaf@teratologly@beasweetbeauty@__1__2__7__, and @annesophiecosta

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