polish model maria loks reimagines the looks of spring/summer 15 as classical paintings

In her career as a model Maria treats everything like adventure, traveling the world, living in Paris, having a good time... and always finding time to draw. Just for us she's reimagined her favourite looks of spring/summer 15 into classical paintings.

by Basia Czyżewska
20 March 2015, 2:05pm

Pastel Colors, Edgar Degas, "The Mante Family", Giambattista Vali, Valentino, Ralph Lauren

Polish model Maria Loks looks like Kurt Cobain's younger sister, which is probably why Hedi Slimane picked her out to walk in his spring/summer 15 Saint Laurent show. And when Maria is not modelling her favourite hobby is drawing. And just for us she's reimagined her favorite looks of spring/summer 15 into classical paintings.

What are you looking for when you mix together contemporary fashion with painting?
I wanted to show fashion in a less serious way. It seems to me that contrast between paintings permanently inscribed in the history of art and silhouettes from the new collections is pretty funny. I've always thought that has been too serious. 

What did you find?
I noticed how the standard of beauty for women has changed dramatically over time. In all the illustrations I had to stretch the clothes so that they can fit on these ancient beauties. Despite the obviousness, I was still surprised how many things have changed, and how the figure of a 12 year old boy has become our perfect body type. 

Total White Look, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, "Mademoiselle Caroline Riviere", The Row

What do you think makes a good fashion illustration?
Good fashion illustration is simply a good illustration. You have to feel the line, proportions, colors and convey the meaning, which in this case was clothes. When I look at the good fashion illustration I can easily imagine how would the sweater or the dress feel like.

When did you start drawing?
I really can't remember. I often start drawing lots, and then I take a break for a few months and then I start again.

Suede, John Everett Millais, "Princes in the Tower", Chanel, Jason Wu

How would you describe your style?
I think I'm far too young to describe my style. I'm still learning, I make mistakes and I'm always learning new techniques. I hope that you can say my has a lightness and a sense of humor.

Transparent Fabrics, John William Godward, "Study of Campaspe", Burberry Prorsum

How do you approach your drawing? 
I work from home, most of the time I think what I would like to show, what interests me the most and which techniques and tools best suit to this project. And when I make up my mind I completely isolate myself from the world for a few days and I draw. I won't stop until it's done. Sometimes after a few hours of working I think that what I'm doing is completely useless and I have to throw it away and start the whole process all over again.

70., John Singer Sargent, "Ena and Betty, Daughters of Ashera and Mrs. Wertheimer", Louis Vuitton, Derek Lam

Who inspires you?
I like David Shrigley, Simon Evans and Edward Rusch.

Do you like to challenge yourself?
Right now I just started learning computer programming, I'm also planning to study in London.

Visible Stiches, Felix Vallotton, "Seated Black Woman", Prada

What do you like the most in season spring/summer 15?
Traditionally comprehended femininity - airy textures, floral prints, pastel colors. It's completely different from androgynous silhouettes of the latest seasons.

Lucas Cranach, "The Three Graces", Saint Laurent, Moschino, Versace


Text Basia Czyżewska
Images Maria Loks
Catwalk Mitchell Sams

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