secaina hudson: music to... shake what your mamma gave ya

Get on up with Secaina Hudson’s super-tight Spring sizzler…

by i-D Staff
22 April 2015, 10:49am

Secaina Hudson started producing at the age of 14; since then she's become one of the very few female producers working in music today. Over the last nine years, the 23 year-old has gone from Fruity Loops neophyte to capable composer, producing and writing with A*M*E, MNEK, TCTS and Vic Mensa, while her own creations have been given the Diplo stamp of approval. Today, the West Londoner kindly provides us all with a Music To Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya mix that is designed to get your body moving…

Who is Secainia Hudson?
I was always banging things and singing random shit as a kid. I had this little red toy piano that I used to constantly bang and then I did guitar lessons when I was like eight, until I started producing when I was 14. I like creating things - I was always into art and drawing. So I guess when I saw that I could do music all by myself, without involving anybody else, I was sold. Actually, I played electric guitar in the school band, which was kinda embarrassing. We had to play the Strokes 12.51 in assembly once and it was social suicide; it was awful.

Why is Secania Hudson? 
I went to a family function when I was about 14. A family friend's son was on the computer doing like a refix of Lethal B's Pow. I was like, 'What the fuck is the program that guy's using'? It was Fruity Loops, and I was like 'Dad, lets go to the market and get a bootleg version so I can use it.' So I got it, and from then I just became a hermit in my room, trying to figure it all out.

Where is Secania Hudson?
MySpace initially, around 2005 when I was 14. That's where I met people like MNEK and Frankmusik. Then I went to Uni in Nottingham to study Interior Architecture and Design, but I knew I couldn't be an architect my whole life, I'd die. It's not free enough for me. There's structure and form and you've got to be on point. If you fuck up one little bit and the building fucks up, then that's you. But music's so free, you can do whatever you want.

When is Secania Hudson?
I have the second single from my EP coming doon, it's called When You Were Mine. My last one, I Ain't With You was remixed by Soul Clap, which was pretty cool. Next up, I guess I'll write an album. I just want to write great songs and make music. I'm not really thinking about success... I mean, I probably should be. I just want to get better and be great. It's kinda like when you go to school and you get new shoes, and you've got to break into them. So I'm still breaking into them... But they're starting to fit.

Secaina releases her debut album I Ain't With You on 17 May. 

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