​coco sumner says there was no need for her to come out

Speaking about her sexuality publicly for the first time, the musician and model also reveals that she doesn’t identify with any particular gender.

by Charlotte Gush
03 December 2015, 12:33am

Eliot 'Coco' Sumner, the musician and model daughter of Sting and Trudie Styler, has revealed in a new interview that she has been in a relationship with Austrian model Lucie Von Alten for the past two years, but that she never needed to 'come out'. "No one had ever asked," Sumner told ES magazine, "They knew already. So I didn't need to. I've never come out to anyone. My friends always knew and I always knew".

She also spoke about how she doesn't identify with any particular gender label: "I think forever I was trying to figure out maybe - what I am. But I don't think anyone should feel pressured to have any kind of label or tag on them," she said, adding, "We should treat everybody the same. Me, I don't like to be put down to a specific thing. We're all human beings".

Sumner is set to release her sophomore album, Information, in January, described as a "darker, sharper" follow-up to The Constant, her 2010 debut under the band name I Blame Coco.



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