PDA is the joyful club night that will change your life and keep you dancing

Think of PDA as a pilgrimage to let loose and that’s exactly why its faithful disciples love it so much.

by Lynette Nylander
15 May 2017, 8:29pm

A close knit community of London's dancers, lovers, clubbers and friends are routinely roaming a shadowy basement for their monthly migration to PDA, the east London club night that is a living, breathing, impeccably turned-out embodiment of London's creative movement. The brainchild of DJ trio Mischa Mafia, DJ Larry B, Crackstevens as well as door-girl Atiena Riollet and musician SHYGIRL, the night doesn't set out be anything except a celebratory event that invites DJs, collectives and performers, who share a similar ideology in mixing things up, to play for their peers who need to have a non-binary space to express themselves in. 

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Reluctant to talk about why they started it or to say anything at all about PDA, they instead collectively comment, "We just really like each other." For the rest of the interview, the group defer to an imaginary publicist, in a way of protecting PDA which for many, has become an inclusive club nights they can rely on. In fact, they shy away from publicity and are fiercely protective of announcing when the next PDA is taking place so the word doesn't stray too far from the loyal family who have been there from the beginning. 

But the magic in PDA is that it isn't afraid on taking you on a spiritual musical journey from 10pm-6am; baile infused electronics, remixed takes on R'n'B favourites, thumping vogueing soundtracks and unexpected ambient sounds acting as the hymns. Think of PDA as a pilgrimage to let loose and that's exactly why its faithful disciples love it so much.


Text Lynette Nylander 
Photography Tim Walker
Hair Alex Brownsell at Streeters using Bumble and bumble
Make-up Lucy Bridge at Streeters using using Chanel Les Indispensables de L'Été and Chanel Blue Serum
Atiena wears coat Nasir Mazhar. Top vintage from Oxfam. Trousers Sandro. Shoes model's own. Doyelle wears blazer Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci. Rollneck the kooples. Skirt model's own. Tights Falke. Boots Balenciaga (menswear). Larry wears jacket Christopher Shannon. Shirt Ashish. Jeans, vest, sunglasses, jewellery and boots model's own. Mischa wears all clothing model's own. 

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