slumber session: philippe hallais (low jack)

Fall asleep to this tonight for awesome dreams.

by Frankie Dunn
17 May 2017, 9:36pm

Philippe Hallais, aka French producer Low Jack, is known in France for his deep house and even deeper techno. He recently signed a very exciting LP to Modern Love Records under his IRL name, Philipe Hallais.

Collaborating with Vetements-associated creative Ethan Assouline, Philippe has dreamed up a very special project — a visual concept album, some would call it — around its title, An American Hero. Clever Parisian designers (and founders of artist platform 22 Rue Muller) Groupe CCC have pulled the whole thing together with a shiny website that pairs samples from each track with a short video, telling the story of, well, an American sporting hero as he discovers his destiny. The footage is very eerie, very nice, and very Twin Peaks.

We liked the project so much that we called on Philippe to make us a bedtime mix. Sitting at just under an hour long, he has filled it with drippy, trippy tunes and the kind of vocal samples that'll send weird characters spiralling in and out of your subconscious. Keep one eye open for the release of the forthcoming album, stick the mix on, and meet the man behind the music.

Hi Philippe! Tell us, what inspires your music?
It is the result of bitter giggling. Contexts that make you face your own contradictions.

What're you up to these days?
I am currently collaborating with Ethan Assouline on an audiovisual live performance to incarnate An American Hero.

What was the first album you ever bought?
That might have been a cassette: Doc Gynéco, Première Consultation.

What's the best dream you've ever had?
I was on a ship cruise eating fish tacos with Susie Green from Curb Your Enthusiasm.

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained a new ability, what would you choose?
Transforming anything I touch into sheep cheese.

What is the ultimate Sunday morning record?
Any record produced by Prince Jazzbo.

What movie do you think your music would best soundtrack?
Paul Verhoeven's movies from the 90s.

Finish the sentence: the music sounds better with…
sharp nostalgia. 


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