young thug's 'beautiful thugger girls' does not align with covergirl's values

Thugger may be the self-proclaimed second coming of Tupac, but he's definitely not a CoverGirl.

by Emily Kirkpatrick
23 June 2017, 6:54pm

Since arriving on the rap scene in 2011, Young Thug has consistently been pushing the genre forward with his staccato sing-song rap. He's also challenging the popular conception of what a traditional MC should look and act like with his penchant for gender-bending fashions and borderline asexuality. But despite being a compelling figure in the rap world and receiving widespread acclaim for the album he released early last week, Beautiful Thugger Girls, formerly titled Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls or E.B.B.T.G., CoverGirl remains thoroughly unimpressed by Young Thug's appropriation of its tagline.

The makeup brand released a statement this week condemning the musician's use of its slogan to promote his album, writing, "CoverGirl was not contacted by Young Thug or any parties regarding his original album title. The album is not aligned with our values at CoverGirl." The statement continues, "Violence and abuse are unacceptable behaviors. We do not support the use or association of our iconic slogan, 'Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, CoverGirl' with Young Thug's video, album or promotional materials." CoverGirl is referring specifically to a promotional video released in advance of the record which features a woman who has been bound and beaten, with that iconic phrase written on pieces of duct tape across her face.

Thugger has yet to officially respond to CoverGirl's latest statement. Given his irrepressible passion for nail polish and eyeliner, this all seems like a missed opportunity for the androgynous rapper to become the next James Charles and finally land the makeup contract he's long deserved.


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