slumber session: foreign skin

Ahead of her live performance at Don Julio's La Cantina Primavera tonight, calm yourself with the Brighton producer's chill-out mix.

by i-D Staff
28 May 2015, 7:10am

Hong Kong-born, Brighton-based producer Flavia Aliverti aka Foreign Skin is an audio-visual dreamboat. Manipulating the vocals of talented friends over warm synths, her sample-based ambient adventures never fail to impress us. With inspiration taken from the likes of Bonobo, Bjork and Purity Ring, music comes to Fla in sudden surges of creativity that often manifest themselves in ethereal remixes for artists such as Sun Glitters and Fickle Friends. Self-produced soaring, hypnotic visuals accompany her performance and make for a completely enchanting live show. Fresh from supporting Tei Shi, and ahead of tonight's set at Don Julio's La Cantina Primavera, escape with Foreign Skin's Slumber Session as you get to know the mind behind the music.

What has been inspiring you lately?
I just made a track inspired by a trip to Mexico when I was younger... expect trumpets, lots of trumpets.

What track do you pop on when everyone's still raving and it's time to go to sleep?
Fleetwood Mac, Everywhere

Where do you go when the record ends and the lights come on?
Home. Because when the record ends and the lights come on it's probably a sign to go to bed.

Do you ever fall asleep to music, and if so what do you play?
I sleep to music every single night. I make a new sleep playlist every few months, constantly adding new tracks I find and depending on the mood im in.

What's the best dream you've ever had?
Dreams where I can control everything. They are the funnest kind.

Who is the last person you kissed goodnight?
My sister. We've been living together for almost 3 years now, and we like to look after each other.

You've caught each other's eye across a crowded dancefloor. What do you play to ensure things move from the box to the bedroom?
Drake - Hold On, We're Going Home (feat. Majid Jordan)… I wouldn't really.

Sleep is always the hardest to come by when you need it the most. What track is guaranteed to bring on the shut-eye after a heavy weekend?
Helios, Halving The Compass

What track makes you want to cuddle up to the one you love?
Ryan Hemsworth, Snow In Newark feat. Dawn Golden

What song gets you out of bed in the morning?
Right now… LA Priest, Oino

What is the most relaxing track/mix/playlist in your collection?
I have a Spotify playlist that I made for when I'm commuting to London on the train titled 'The Chillest Music Like Ever'. It currently has 2 followers.

Finish the sentence, the music sounds better with...
A good pair of headphone or speakers and nobody else around. 

@ForeignSkin will play Don Julio's La Cantina Primavera tonight in East London.

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