rachel rutt launches website and wearable art store

The model, musician and creative knitwear enthusiast is feeling real love in a video for her new venture.

by i-D Staff
18 August 2015, 2:10am

Rachel Rutt is the very definition of a multitasker. A successful model and one half of the band Heart People, today she's launched her new website, rachelrutt.com. It features an introduction to her extreme textile work - a video called 'Feel Real Love', which sees Rachel and her friends wearing her hand-knitted costumes set to a soundtrack by her band. It's a layered representation of Rachel's interests revealing her sturdy, colourful, knitted, pieces on her buddies who look like a gang of fashionable, wooly yetis.

The one-off knitted pieces available for purchase in the store are comparatively wearable and look like just the thing to get you through this extremely cold winter. 


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