this is why vestoj removed their interview with ex-vogue fashion director lucinda chambers

The fashion journal reveals the reason why yesterday's explosive story was temporarily removed, and confirm that it has now been republished in full.

by Charlotte Gush
04 July 2017, 10:47pm

Fashion journal Vestoj have confirmed to i-D the reason behind the temporary removal of an explosive interview with former British Vogue Fashion Director Lucinda Chambers from their website yesterday. The article was published online yesterday before being removed; it has since been republished.

After 36 years at the prestigious fashion title, 25 of them as Fashion Director, Lucinda revealed in the essay that she hadn't left willingly, but was in fact fired, during an encounter that she says lasted just three minutes, and was a surprise to her and most of her colleagues. She also said she hadn't read the magazine in years, criticised historic hiring policies, called out industry figures, and laid bare relationships with advertisers.

Following an enquiry from i-D, the editors of Vestoj have responded with a statement about why the article was removed, also confirming that is has been republished in its entirety. "Due to the sensitive nature of this article, we took the decision to temporarily remove it from the site. We have now republished it in its entirety," the statement opens, continuing:

"In terms of the reasons why it was removed, they are directly related to the industry pressures which Lucinda discusses in her interview. As you know, fashion magazines are rarely independent because their existence depends on relationships with powerful institutions and individuals, whether it's for tickets to shows, access in order to conduct interviews or advertising revenue."

"We created Vestoj to be an antidote to these pressures, but we are not always immune," they continue, concluding, "We hope Lucinda's republished interview will spark a discussion which might, in her words, lead to a more 'empowering and useful' fashion media".

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