Photography Suffo Moncloa

christine and the queens explores masculinity in her sexy new release, girlfriend

Plus!! Everything else you need to hear today in one killer playlist.

by Frankie Dunn
18 May 2018, 12:21pm

Photography Suffo Moncloa

Héloïse Letissier, AKA Christine and the Queens, is, thank god, back. “I initially set out to smash against macho culture and macho men,” she says of new single, Girlfriend. “I became obsessed with this idea of the macho man, and still being a woman. What does it mean if I’m this figure, and I’m a woman? Does it make me an aberration? Is it joyful?” The track, in all its sensual g-funk glory -- courtesy of Dâm-Funk -- is certainly joyful. ‘Don’t feel like a girlfriend,’ she coos, ‘but lover, damn, I’d be your lover.’ Addressing the diversity of female desire, Chris (as the French artist has been calling herself lately) opens today’s BEST NEW MUSIC playlist beautifully.

Courtney Barnett’s Crippling Self Doubt and a General Lack of Self Confidence is something we can all relate too. Taken from the Aussie artist’s new album, Tell Me How You Really Feel, it’s therapy in a tidy 2 minute and 48 second guitar tune. Up next is Lykke Li with the totally calming utopia. The touching Clare Cullen-directed video features footage of Lykke as a child with her mother, as well as new scenes of her and her young son. “Utopia is all my mother ever wanted for me and all I ever want for him," she said on release.

Other bops on the list include bilingual Pharrell and Camila Cabello collab Sangria Wine, Theresa from Warpaint’s debut solo album as TT, Lovelaws, and slow-mo posthumous Lil Peep and Clams Casino track, 4 Gold Chains. Then there’s new magic from new 88rising signee NIKI, Finn Wolfhard’s Calpurnia, Christina Aguilera, Stefflon Don, Shygirl, Emma-Jean Thackray, Baba Stiltz, Snail Mail and loads more. Follow us -- we’ll keep you updated with nothing but the best. Promise.

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