kanye west does not go to chuck e. cheese or 1oak

Kayne's Hot 97 chat covered everything from SWISH to defending the "freshness" of North West and staying "off the carbs".

by Isabelle Hellyer
15 June 2015, 2:45pm

Kate Owen

Kanye recently rang up American radio station Hot 97 to dispel rumors that he kicked a bunch of kids out of Chuck E. Cheese so daughter North could play alone. In addition to busting that myth, Kayne spoke about his family, current creative projects and wider issues he sees in the media. We know that Kayne's a confident person (with good reason) but as this interview proves, he's also a really sweet guy who's genuinely trying to better the world. i-D gathered the best of Yeezy's thoughts for your reading pleasure:

On some rumor he kicked everybody out of Chuck E. Cheese so North could play alone...
"I haven't even been to Chuck E. Cheese but I'm glad I could intercept it...First of all, they should be paying me to even say their name. You saw evidence of how we roll, we rent out the whole stadium, we're not gonna be kicking nobody's kids out of Chuck E. Cheese. I'm trying to stay off the carbs, I don't even eat pizza! What am I going to do at a Chuck E. Cheese?"

On surprising people with his personality...
"They're like, 'Wow you're, like nice!' Like, I'm walking around actually turning over furniture everywhere I go? Just because I had a period of my life where I expressed my frustrations for not being able to create in other fields."

On the projects he's currently working at...
"I'm just living my life man. I'm having a good time, I'm with my family and I'm getting the opportunity to create, work on my clothes, work on my films, work on Donda, work on the next album, work on it slowly, make it an art project. Deliver the innovation I know I can, that I've consistently done since 808s and Dark Fantasy."

On the 'controversy' surrounding his daughter's name...
"Y'all be calling my daughter's name weird, like her name should be some name that you've heard before. I don't like the statement weird when something is innovative and fresh."

On creative censorship...
"I hate the fact that creatives be down so much, like they can't even speak out loud. That's the reason that the world be ugly. Because there's millions of beautiful colors in the world but the world is only controlled by one color. I fight for the people who see those colors, who understand it. I'll take the hit. Constantly. "

On his woes...
"I'm completely boring actually...all I do is go to the studio everyday. At this point I'm like, 'I'm riding through the 'burbs with no woes'. I'm not going nowhere with no woes! I'm not at the club, I'm never at 1OAK. I'm never going to be nowhere."

On parenting...
"I've gotta focus on the kids. I gotta to take them to tap class, I gotta take them to all type of gym class where they be doing all types of swings."


Text Isabelle Hellyer

Photography Kate Owen

North West