​ask emma watson a question on international women’s day

Emma Watson will be answering all your HeForShe and gender equality questions in London, this Sunday.

by Felicity Kinsella
04 March 2015, 2:29pm

As well as fighting for this, listening to this and standing up for this, on International Women's Day this year, you can ask HeForShe founder Emma Watson the questions about gender equality that you want to know the answers to. Announcing it via her Facebook page, Disney's Belle-to-be will be conducting a live Q+A in London on Sunday, March 8th, which is set to be every bit as inspirational as the one she did over Twitter. Facebook will be live-streaming the event at 5pm London time, but to bag a seat in the audience, you just have to fill out this form, telling her how gender inequality has affected your life, how you've helped advance gender equality and the one question you really want to know the answer to, by midday tomorrow. Hermione knows all the answers!

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