should babies be banned from the frow?

Online rumors are suggesting that Anna Wintour wants to ban babies from attending shows.

by Tish Weinstock
03 March 2015, 5:50pm

Harper Beckham, North West, Alia Wang and crying babies of the world beware; your front row days are numbered if Anna Wintour has anything to do with it. Not since Gretchen Weiners uttered the words, ''You can't sit with us!'' has a sentiment rung so true, because, let's face it, no one really wants to be sat next to a wailing baby (no matter how famous their parents are), especially in the middle of a runway show. According to the rumor mill, the Vogue editor (who sat through Yeezy's adidas presentation during NYFW whilst Nori had a tantrum) doesn't think babies should be attending fashion shows.

It points to a much wider debate regarding who should be allowed to attend fashion shows and who shouldn't. In her brilliant article The Circus of Fashion, Suzy Menkes bemoans the preening peacocks and blagging bloggers who are too busy hashtagging themselves into oblivion to critically engage with and report on a collection. Should we be adding babies to the list? Unless Harper Beckham can write with the finesse of Tim Blanks, according to Menkes' argument, her role at fashion week is technically redundant.

Babies may be another part of the circus of fashion, but why shouldn't the blubbing offspring of designers be allowed to see the fruits of their parents', aunts' and uncles' labor? Not that it matters that much anymore, now that we can all view shows and presentations from the comfort of our own homes via live streams.

On the matter of babies vs Ms Wintour, the jury is still out.

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