kanye threatens to boycott the grammys if frank ocean isn’t nominated

It doesn't matter if Blonde wins, "all we need is a fair shot."

by Wendy Syfret
24 October 2016, 7:40am

Frank Ocean fans were left disappointed last week when it was revealed that neither of his 2016 albums would be eligible for next year's Grammys. Despite being the most hyped releases of the year, Blonde and Endless weren't even submitted for consideration. In the days following the news, many have ruminated that his former label Def Jam purposely didn't put them forward as the final blow in a long running battle between artist and label. Others wondered if it was a simple mistake, with the musician's team missing the submission date.

While it's clearly a let down for the artist and his fans, his friend Kanye West is taking it especially hard. During a performance in Oakland over the weekend, Kanye told the crowd he'd boycott the ceremony if Frank Ocean wasn't nominated. He continued, "As artists, we gotta come together to fight the bullshit they been throwing us with." The rapper has spoken out about the awards before, after last year's show he tweeted: "I feel the Grammy awarding system is way off and completely out of touch."

Despite saying Blonde was one of his favourite releases of the year, he did note that he didn't care if it won. Explaining, "All we need is a fair shot. Let the album lose, let whoever win or lose".

Ironically many have suggested Frank Ocean purposely held his work back from consideration. While no statement has been made, it's easy to see the move as a quiet protest against the institution, and a statement that he doesn't seek or need their validation. While it's a much subtler way to make a point than Kanye's, it's clearly working.


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