frank ocean reveals why he wore vans to the white house in first interview in three years

'You can't think, you just have to do things.'

by Hannah Ongley
20 October 2016, 4:14pm

The last time Frank Ocean did an interview, North West was three months old and Taylor Swift had recently provided guest vocals for Tim McGraw's country anthem "Highway Don't Care." In the past three years, Ocean has actually conducted more interviews than he's opened up for, lightly grilling Lil B and Mikey Alfred for the Boys Don't Cry zine he dropped with his long-awaited album Blond in August. Ocean has now broken his silence in a televised interview carried out at the White House State Dinner he attended this week with his mom. It's about one minute long and consists almost entirely of Ocean talking about the checkered Vans he wore with his sleek navy suit. After confirming that this was indeed his first experience wearing Vans to a White House State Dinner, mostly due to the fact that this was his first White House State Dinner, Ocean revealed the oddly inspiring reason behind his So-Cal business skater look: "You can't think, you just have to do things."

Ocean also discussed — or destroyed any hope for — the chances of him performing at a concert in support of Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential bid. Though if the last few years have taught us anything, it's that Ocean doesn't like to rush things, and he did slyly hint at a pro-Hillary venture a little further down the pipeline. As in, around the year 2020. "Maybe, I don't know," he told the reporter when pressed about what exactly he might plan for the Democratic candidate. "We're running out of time, I think. We might have to catch her in four years." Fingers crossed. 


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