​mica arganaraz explores the shetland islands for alexander mcqueen

The Argentinian beauty is joined by three Scottish schoolgirl sisters in a dreamy fall/winter 16 campaign film, 'Into A Dwam,' by Jamie Hawkesworth.

by Charlotte Gush
13 July 2016, 12:00pm

The windswept coastline, crashing waves, and the perfect framing of weathered wooden posts through the last remaining walls of a house are the backdrop to the dreamy Alexander McQueen fall/winter 16 campaign film shot on the Shetland Islands by Jamie Hawkesworth.

Argentinian beauty, and i-D cover star, Mica Arganaraz is joined by three Scottish sisters, Daisy, Emily, and Lily Brodie, who speak about life at school and about meeting Mica. "I just go into a dwam, and like block out all sound, basically. So, someone will say my name in maths and be like, 'What's the answer to this,' and I'll be like, 'I didn't listen to any of that'," one of them giggles.

Describing Mica, they speak all at once, saying "She's got brown curly hair with a fringe, and she's got an amazing tan," "Amazing eyebrows," before helping to debunk the frosty model image, saying, "I thought she wouldn't talk to us, but she did actually talk to us." Both the sisters and Mica sing sweet folk songs as the camera follows the open road and puffin-filled cliffs of the northernmost point of the British Isles, their intricately embroidered gothic dresses flowing. 

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