funkyoffish princess ashley williams takes to the Selfridges denim stage

Turning her midas touch to denim. Ashley Williams has announced she will transform her autumn/winter 14 collection for Selfridges' Denim Studio. Full of horse heads, cowgirls and lols, it lands exclusively on August 14th. We caught up with the young...

by Bojana Kozarevic
08 August 2014, 7:50pm

Photography Alasdair McLellan

So, this is a special collaboration?
I've taken some of the pieces from my autumn/winter collection and made denim versions of them. It's funny because after the show, and when I actually had time to think about the collection, I thought some of the pieces would look really good in denim and then Selfridges gave me the opportunity to do that! What do you love most about denim? Well, it's just the classic isn't it? It's been such a staple and I actually love its variety for both boys and girls.

What's your fave style?
I do really love Levi's 501s, I don't think anyone can go wrong with them?! I love baggy jeans, always have. Though remember when skinny jeans were THE jeans and you just had to have a pair even though six months before that nobody ever thought that they would be wearing skinnies!

It's weird how jeans go through phases isn't it?
Definitely, I think flares probably will come back eventually. I'm looking forward to see what we are all wearing soon! Jeans are a uniform in a way too.

This being your first partnership with Selfridges, has it been fun even though you've been preparing for your NEWGEN debut?
It's been really fun, and a great platform to show my collection on. When they approached me, I was really excited because it gave me the opportunity to re-imagine my collection which is really great. As for NEWGEN… oh, god, I just hope everyone likes it!

So what can we expect from the NEWGEN collection? Are you nervous?
So nervous! Before, with Fashion East, you had three of you going through exactly the same motions and you weren't alone in it. Now, doing a show on my own and having to completely depend on myself, it's really scary and nerve-wracking. I guess I've just had to go with my gut feeling… and I hope it's a good gut feeling!

It'll be fab! Are there any surprises in store?
I think I've pushed myself but there are the staples in there that are just me, I don't think you ever get away from that really. And I always ask myself if I would wear it and if it doesn't feel quite right then I'm not so keen on it. So maybe there are surprises but they're still very genuine ones!

Who is the Ashley Williams girl then? And what version of her is the Denim Ashley Williams chick?
They're very similar, which is what I really enjoy about the Selfridges collaboration - they've been really supportive of showcasing my own designs, which is really flattering for a young designer. I think each collection is supported by the girls who walk in the show, who I imagine wearing the clothes and how I imagine them having fun. So the Selfridges AW is perhaps just a bit more real - she hasn't necessarily got that much time for the horse leather fringed jacket but in denim, it's a bit more relaxed so she can run around in it. Denim does make running around the city easier, doesn't it?



Text Bojana Kozarevic
Photography Alasdair McLellan

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