​astrid andersen conquers the far east for spring/summer 16

From Tokyo to Shanghai, Astrid Andersen continues her Asian explorations this season.

by Steve Salter
15 June 2015, 12:26pm

​Photography Jason Lloyd Evans

"We went to Shanghai for the first time in April because we showed the collection out there," Astrid excitedly exclaims, blushing backstage as her topless army of models echoes post-show congratulations. "Everywhere that I go that's new, I'm blown away by the local guys who wear my designs," she explains. "They're an inspiration to me and in a sense, seeing what they wear and how they wear it, influences how I design," she admits. "Ultimately, this whole collection is an homage to men who dress bravely and have a point of view." Essentially, this is Astrid Andersen. It might be pushing a new luxury but it's grounded in reality.

Following Astrid on Instagram, you notice just how far the Astrid Andersen brand travels. Pockets of devoted fans are scattered across the globe appropriating her uniform of modern luxury. Shifting her design spotlight from the effervescent streets of Tokyo, here, Astrid's collection mirrors China's current position that finds itself at a cross-roads between its rich tradition and the opportunities of tomorrow. "It's not a trend but rather a period of my life, it's an obsession. I didn't want to shy away from it and instead wanted to push on and introduce different elements," she explains. Mixing intricate silver embroidery with heat-transfer prints on a play on chinoiserie to simplifying Chinese Courtier headwear from the Qing dynasty, Astrid might've been glancing back put her feet were firmly planted in the future. This isn't about China's past, this is about Astrid Andersen now and tomorrow. "I'm conscious of growing up each season because I'm growing up too which is why I introduced the trench coat, the weave and pushing fabric and silhouette play that bit more," she admits.

Did her research take her to the Met's China: Through The Looking Glass exhibition? "No, I wish," she admits. "I only just realized half way through the season but it just proves that I'm not alone in my fascination, it's influenced western fashion throughout time and I think designers will continue to revisit." Instead, she remixed hip hop videos from the golden era of MTV with cult classics like Big Trouble In Little China whilst creating future visions. These elements were most obvious in Water. Made possible by the Red Bull Catwalk Studio, this season Astrid worked on a special project with her ultimate muse, A$AP Ferg, to co-create a smile inducing fashion film and bespoke soundtrack. This is Astrid Andersen's world and it's spreading across the globe. 


Text Steve Salter
Photography Jason Lloyd Evans

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