erykah badu is giving legendary palm readings on twitter

'I'm seeing that u will catch the first gay Pokemon,' the neo-soul queen predicted.

by Hannah Ongley
25 July 2016, 9:36pm


Erykah Badu disciples have long presumed that their queen has mystical powers, and she is currently proving them correct in the very best way: by offering palm readings on Twitter. Badu started her fortune-telling series by responding to one fan's request for a reading, saying, "Take a pic of it and let us see." Whether her insights are 100% correct, only time will reveal. They're definitely funnier and more sassy than your standard session with a psychic. Granted she has the upper hand, so to speak, when it comes to a cultural authority that most chiromancers don't possess. If an Erykah Badu palm reading can't persuade you to clean your room, lay off the porn, or catch the first gay Pokémon, nothing can.

Oddly enough, the neo-soul queen's powers of foresight were themselves predicted by palm reader Tony Leggett in a fan-requested YouTube video last year. "Interesting hands," Leggett mused. "She has psychic hands, with potential. Long fingers and long palms show that there's a spiritual connection somewhere down the line." Obviously he was referring to the Twitter timeline.


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