premiere: ygg - don't talk like that

PK, Saint and Lyrical Strally are taking grime back its roots.

05 January 2016, 2:10pm

These young grime guns first jumped on our radar when they stormed the stage at last August's i-D Mix night, showing up unannounced, spraying bars and drawing reloads like it was nothing. Since then we've had our eye on PK, Saint and Lyrical Strally, featuring them in our Class of 2016 and keeping our ear to the ground on their movements, which, much to our despair, haven't been that regular. But that's not what these guys are about. They're taking grime back to its roots, preferring to focus on the bars rather than dropping single after single but now, its time for i-D to share the next instalment from the trio. Don't Talk Like That, produced by up and coming London based Grime producer Empra, is a hard, bar for bar sing-along aimed straight at the dancefloor. We're going to let them do the talking on this one. Press play on the brand new sounds of YGG.

"Don't Talk Like That" is a pretty self explanatory Grime Anthem, it's a quick 8 Bar sing along for the raves and for the mosh pit crew and for everyone who enjoys hardcore old school powerful Grime tunes, this is the song that will make your granny explode. We would say that this is a song is very direct tune that can definitely get the raves started. We had to show the massive that we can switch it up from a vybzy song to a straight up energy charging tune - bringing that KOFF-E" YGG